The Spinney

Size: 2800sqft
Timescale: 15 months
Contract: Build Partner
Style: Contemporary

The client approached Oakbridge with a development opportunity that was exceeding their build budget and knowledge.

Oakbridge Bespoke were able to provide the developer knowledge desired by the client and the team were able to work collaboratively to value engineer the project yet not compromise on quality or design.

The result is a light and striking property with vaulted ceilings, grand internal doors and a biophilic design bringing the outside in with the amount of glazing used with minimal site lines.

When building new properties clients expectations and timings have to be managed and Oakbridge Bespoke have done a great job in keeping all parties on the same page and making the process as smooth as possible.

Liam Griffin
Managing Director - Griffin Homes

In total the team at Oakbridge were able to value engineer the build and reduce the contract value overall by 20%.

By retaining the architectural features in the home within the desired budget the client was able to set premium prices for the property and resulted in successful sales.

Due to the success in this project Oakbridge have gone on to complete other multi-million pound commercial project for the client.