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Specialists in Basements

Oakbridge Bespoke have been constructing basements to exacting standards for over 15 years, using tried and tested, great value designed solutions endorsed by the leading warranty providers, building control and warranty backed waterproofing system companies. Working closely with our structural engineers and Delta Drainage, we ensure that we have 2 forms of water proof protection that are linked with other systems in the home to give an early warning if the worst should happen.

In recent years the majority of our projects have included basements to give clients the opportunity to maximise their homes and the luxury of; cinemas, games rooms, wine stores, gyms, golf simulators, swimming pools and even car lifts to subterranean garaging. Sometimes all of those and more.

Our great value solutions allow our clients to maximise the value of their plot, with basements up to 43m/140ft long!

Our basement design and construction methodology has ensured we have had zero warranty claims, giving you peace of mind. We are registered installers of the Delta Drainage System.

Here is a case study on a recently produced full size basement featuring a swimming pool, steam pod with changing room, gym and yoga space.

The technical process of forming a large square footage basement

  • Temporary works Piles – to project neighbouring properties from excavation. (if required for party wall award)
  • Bulk excavation – removing the soil to allow the basement to be formed.
  • Forming the basement slab – laying the steel reinforcement, then pouring the concrete.
  • Forming the walls – erecting the shutters, building up the steel reinforcement, pouring the concrete. ‘Striking’ the shutters. Repeat the process.
  • Back fill around the basement to allow other foundations and drainage works to continue.
  • Continue with super structure construction, including ground floor above.
  • Install Delta Drainage system, including drainage channels falling to a sump and a fully sealed membrane.
  • Once the home is watertight from above then the insulation, plasterboard and finishes can be applied with any services required fixed in the voids created between the finishes and the Delta membrane.

Oakbridge Bespoke have a record of regularly producing basements with various bespoke features. Get in contact today to discuss your requirements of your new dream home.

Contemporary Home near Completion in West Common, Harpenden

Oakbridge Bespoke acquired this project under a turnkey contract for a couple who were looking to relocate to Harpenden. They didn’t know the area well so we were able to assist in finding a suitable plot for their dream home.

Michael Clifton, Head of Design, comments;

“It has been an amazing opportunity to design and build such a striking example of modern domestic architecture in the West Common conservation area. My conceptual vision for this home has quite literally taken shape before me, and is testament to the passion and drive of the whole Oakbridge team to achieve the design intent.”

The project is nearing completion and we wish the homeowners all the best in their new Oakbridge Bespoke Home.

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